GCP Applied Technologies Case Study


Project Name: GCP Applied Technologies

Project Description:
GCP Applied Technologies had multiple chemical containment areas requiring concrete coating. The 2000 sq/ft of containment areas had eroded due to caustic (Sodium Hydroxide) and other acidic chemicals coming into contact with the concrete substrate.  Due to short life span of prior coatings, GCP's preferred choice of material this time around was a vinyl ester FRP liner. Diamond Services consulted technical experts for material selection; final decision was an Ashland Vinyl Ester Resin system. The work included abrasive blasting of concrete to achieve a proper substrate profile, applying a specialized primer coat to seal the prepared surface, applying an FRP putty to smooth out irregularities and ensure proper bonding of the chemical resistant liner, and installing a 100 mil FRP corrosion liner. The final liner coat was applied with a slip resistant surface. The entire project was completed on time and within the 3 week deadline.

Materials used: Vinyl Ester Resin
Installation method: Hand lay-up process
Thickness: ~0.100" thickness (100 mils)

Unusual Project Concerns:
Plant is located in the middle of a neighborhood so every aspect of the job had to be precisely planned, from logistics, timeline, abrasive blast containment, etc.

Most of the work took place outdoors, approx. 100 yards from nearest neighborhood house, so a non-flammable plastic containment wall and ceiling were built in the work area to contain abrasive blast and to prevent Houston's sporadic weather from becoming an issue.

Safety Concerns: 
Site specific safety considerations, containment watch, chemical exposure, emergency evacuation and safety hazards with abrasive blasting/installing an FRP liner were considered during the project.

Outside of standard PPE (hardhat, steel toes, etc.), full face respirators, Tyvek suits, chemical gloves, etc were considered through various stages of the project.


Before / After Gallery

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